Adam Course

Crew Manager Adam Course has been at Avon Fire and Rescue Service for 14 years and has spent many years studying firefighter fatality incidents, serious accidents, and where possible near misses.

Since June 2017 Adam has been on a secondment to the IFE and National Operational Guidance/National Operational Learning (NOG/NOL). The IFE Firefighter Safety Database which forms a web-based information/learning database where all available UK firefighter fatality and firefighter near miss information can be accessed, shared and learnt from by interested parties. The Firefighter Safety Database is designed to be a one stop shop for information.

Phase 2 of this project is expected to expand to an international scale project. Each country would have its own section of the site to highlight the same firefighter safety events. Phase 3 of the project will enable any incident of interest (high rise/tall building fires, wildfires, historic fires, nightclub fires, commercial fires, informal settlement fires, industrial, transport related incidents, HAZMAT etc), not directly linked to firefighter safety, but often with overlapping themes, where mainly multiple fatality and/or near multiple fatality incident information can be accessed and learnt from in one place. The various technical fire safety and fire engineering themes and lessons are expected to be a prominent feature in phase 3.

Adam has been part of the branch committee for the IFE Mid-Western branch since it was reactivated 13 years ago, holding position of Membership Officer, Events Co-ordinator and is the current Branch Vice President and International General Assembly (IGA) Representative. Adam has presented at a number of conferences, seminars and other events both internationally and nationally.

Adam holds an honours degree in Environmental Science gained at The University of Plymouth in 2000 and is a Member of the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE Global). Adam was approached bij the VBE in cooperation with IFE the Netherlands.